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Association Genevoise de Backgammon(In French) If you live near Geneva or are just passing by, this is simply the place to play backgammon !
Backgammon GaloreTom Keith's website is by far the most comprehensive free backgammon resource you will find on the web. Every aspect of the game is discussed, and Tom has collected the most interesting posts on the various backgammon discussion boards since more than 10 years ! Highly recommended!
BG onlineThe enthousiast world class player Stick has his own version of the GammonU website, and it is for free ! The discussion board is top-level, and the most active on the web for the time being. Very popular too are Stick's rollouts of the opening second moves. Highly recommended!
GammonU (ex-GammonLine)Kit Woolsey's website offers great articles, a high-quality forum, and an online match (one move a day) played against the readers, where Kit shares his insights on every move. Costs $36/lifetime (not $36/year like the homepage still says) which is very worth the money. Highly recommended!
GammonVillageThe ultimate backgammon e-zine, offering tons of articles by the finest writers of the discipline. Not cheap but worth the money. Recommended!