Summary : Team game on two boards ; captured pieces are passed to the partner.


Bughouse might be the most popular chess variant worldwide, known under many different names. Every chess player must have once seen those team games featuring four overexcited players, yelling directions like "No knight!", "Sit! " or "Take this f** pawn for me!".

Bughouse's main advantage is a social one : unlike in chess, communication is paramount. As a result, Bughouse isn't long in turning the usual silence of a chess club into a mayhem, where the players cheer up, insult each other, taunt each other, well... express themselves ! Clear enough, that din is only possible under the tolerance of the classical chess players, who might feel offended.

- "Hello Mister Inspector, send me fast an armed patrol, I can hear being happy behind my wall."
(Pierre Desproges, Vivons heureux en attendant la mort).


Fourteenth Geneva Bughouse Gathering, August 16-18, 2013



Some basic advice for novice players.


Annotated games to be visualised with Bughouse Viewer.

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The summaries of the previous Bughouse gatherings in Geneva.


The result of the most recent Geneva tournament, and the less-than-serious Geneva Bughouse ranking list.

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How to make bughouse even crazier. Multi-bughouse, Stupidhouse, multi-game matches, ...


Bughouse and the Internet : the best places to play and software to download.

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